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Blade and Soul Revolution
: Qi Blade

Production Company : SuperRaccoon Studio

'Blade and Soul Revolution' is a mobile game developed by Netmarble, a South Korean gaming company.
SuperRaccoon Studio created a promotional cinematic vid
eo for the game's new character, Qi Blade.

Jaeysart was responsible for the creation of the Qi Blade character, her sword, and the villainous boss character in this project.

Jaeysart's Participation:

Main Modeler:         Jaeyeon Nam
Modeling Asst. :     Daewoong Lee, Gaeun Oh, Hwan kyu Lee
Texturing:               Jeein Kim

Detailed information about the project and full credits can be found at the link below.

[Behance] Blade&Soul Revolution : Qi Blade

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