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Production Company : Oshimo

"Oshimo" is a term created from the combination of the Japanese word "推し" (Oshi, meaning: favorite person or thing) and "最も" (Mo, meaning: the most, the best).
This word signifies being with one's most favored or preferred entity.
The Japanese company Oshimo launched the 'Oshimo' app service based on this brand name.

'Oshimo' is an app service where fans can meet their favorite Japanese idol groups and celebrities as adorable Chibi characters.
Fans can enjoy various mobile app services, such as decorating spaces and changing outfits based on their favorite 'Oshi's character.

Jaeysart has been involved from the developmental stages of Oshimo, participating in 3D compatibility testing, base body design and 3D creation, and 3D production of characters and outfits.

Jaeysart's Participation:

Main Modeler:      Jaeyeon Nam
Modeling Asst. :   Daewoong Lee, Hwan kyu Lee
Texturing Asst. :  RyLee

Oshimo Official Website

Oshimo Official X Account

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